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Writing to inform

This course develops the essential skills needed in professional business communication. It is suitable for anyone who needs to communicate factual information to clients or customers, suppliers or colleagues.

For example, you may need to write:

  • A description of different products or services
  • A summary of a meeting to confirm your understanding
  • A progress report on a project you’re currently managing
  • An incident report describing a recent event, the consequences and any actions that were taken as a result
  • An appraisal or review of a person, product or service.

What all these types of writing have in common is that they are objective pieces of writing, stating facts and (relatively) devoid of emotion. Your intention is usually to convince the person reading your work that it is factually accurate and that you are competent and reliable.

Whether you are writing a letter, an email or a report, the prime purpose remains the same – to inform.

How long is the course... and what does it cost?

Writing to Inform is offered as:

  • A 1-day standard course
  • A 2-day workshop, giving attendees the option of putting what they are learning into practice straightaway
  • Part of a bespoke course specifically tailored to your organisation.

Our courses are competitively priced. Discounts are offered for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a no-obligation quote.

What do you get?

  • 6 hours (12 hours on a 2-day workshop) of learning with an experienced trainer using interactive training methods.
  • The opportunity to find out what works for you in a supportive and comfortable environment.
  • A comprehensive workbook to use during the course and for reference later.

You will gain confidence in writing reports, letters and emails and as well as improving your written English. The course has recently been proving popular with clients from a range of sectors, including financial services and hospitality.

Not sure this is the course for you?

Get in touch – all our courses are modular, and we can mix-and-match to meet your needs. We can also create a course especially for you, if that's what works best for you.