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Our recent projects

Once work on a project is complete, our clients are free to update the documentation themselves, or to engage someone else to do the work. This means that any documentation you find on the websites of these companies may not have been written or updated by us.

Company Outline of project Date
Communication (email, VOIP and directories)
Isode Administrator Guide for Directory Server software (updated, and converted to DocBook format using XMLMind) 2010–2011
Citel Installation and Configuration Guide for VOIP systems that replace legacy PBX systems, both the hardware and the software that configures and monitors them (updates to existing documentation, in Word) 2006–2008
Oxford English Testing User guides and software demonstrations on the use of the website by English language teachers From 2010
ID Computing Development of a user guide (in Word) for users of an Early Years software system in nurseries and pre-school centres 2010
ABC Awards Guide (created in Word) to help teachers, assessors and moderators use electronic evidence for assessment 2007
CSE Healthcare Training materials to support the delivery of training on the RiO healthcare system 2007–2008
Monitoring and control systems
4energy User and installation/configuration guides for 4energy's software, installation and assembly guides for some of the cooling products, case studies and white papers, software simulations and presentations. From 2010
Sales and order management
Interflora User guide for the ROSEGold order management system (software) used by Interflora florists across the UK - the guide for Phase 1 of the project won the UK Technical Communication Award 2011 in the instructional class 2011–2012
NHS Supply Chain Guidance notes (user guide) for the new web-based Online Ordering system, plus operations manuals and datasheets for internal use From 2011
Hillarys Blinds User guides and software simulations for the ordering system used by the sales force (the user side of the application runs on a PDA) 2007–2008
Intercede User and administrator guides, online help and training materials for Intercede's Identity Management software From 2014 and 2005–2006
Baseline Creative Guide to the website CMS used by Baseline Creative for their client's websites.
Proposal template containing all boilerplate text
Marketing email for a telemarketing campaign
MixMeister Update to existing online help system for the MixMeister application using RoboHelp, exported to both online and PDF formats. 2009